SwiftCoin Airdrop

Ücretsiz Airdrop Etkinliğine katılmak ve gerekli şartları yerine getirmeniz için yeni bir fırsat. Tüm detaylar içeride; ÜCRETSİZ TOKEN için SwiftCoin katıl!

To get your airdrop you will need:

  1. A SwiftCoin wallet address
  2. Sign up with your email at www.swiftcoin.club
  3. List anything you want to buy or sell in exchange for SwiftCoin at www.oswift.com
  4. Sign up with your email at www.fxprobitcoin.com
  5. Follow https://twitter.com/SwiftCoin1 and tweet about SwiftCoin
  6. Join Telegram group @SwiftCoin 
  7. Send your SwiftCoin wallet address to Telegram @SwiftCoin

No KYC required. Americans welcome.https://swiftcoin.club/blog/11

We are one of the first cryptos in existence https://en.bitcoinwiki.org/wiki/SwiftCoin


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