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Promote your project on Sistemkoin offical social media accounts with announcements and regular sharings.

With its dynamic social media channels, Sistemkoin will help you to reach a large scale of investors all over the world.

IEO Packages

IEO Packages

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Sistemkoin is the Bitcoin and Altcoin buy & sell platform based in Turkey with around 150-200M $ daily volume and has over 150.000 active users. There are 6 different pairs in Sistemkoin Exchange BTC/ETH/USDT/USD/EURO/TRY (Turkish local currency)

Sistemkoin, which aims to provide a secure crypto currency platform for its users, continuously follows innovations focused on interface and security improvements.
Thanks to the recently developed user-friendly interface and new security measures, Sistemkoin has been named among the secure exchanges by CER -a well-known cryptocurrency platform.

Sistemkoin which has been performing successful IEO projects recently, contributes to fund raising process for potential projects with its comprehensive IEO packages including social media support and marketing/advertising services.

If you wish to integrate your project into Sistemkoin, please fill the application form at contact or send an email to