Amplify Airdrop

Ücretsiz Airdrop Etkinliğine katılmak ve gerekli şartları yerine getirmeniz için yeni bir fırsat. Tüm detaylar içeride; ÜCRETSİZ TOKEN için AMPLİFY katıl!

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Amplify Exchange Airdrop page.
  2. Register and Verify your mail.
  3. Now complete the KYC after the launch of the platform.
  4. You will credit with 500 AMPX tokens in your account after the launch of the platform.
  5. Also earn additional 100 AMPX tokens per referral.

Amplify Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange focusing on fiat to Altcoin markets. The concept was born out of the original Substratum ecosystem, which provides access to a decentralized internet. Now crypto market participants have the ability to connect, earn, and spend their digital assets like never before. Three separate products (Amplify Exchange, CryptoPay, and Substratum) that stand on their own as functional powerhouses within their own sphere of influence but when combined become a symbiotic software suite that solves the basic needs of each of our digital lives.

Amplify Exchange is a concept that was born to spur the mass adoption of cryptocurrency by building three separate products, Amplify Brokerage, Amplify Exchange, and CryptoPay.

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